What will it cost to hire a DUI / Drunk Driving Defense Attorney?

What will it cost to hire a DUI / Drunk Driving Defense Attorney?

The cost to hire a DUI/Drunk Driving Defense attorney depends on many factors. Is this your first DUI offense? Are you facing jail time? How many DUI convictions do you have on your prior record? Is the case a complex case? Do you want to hire an expert to fight the breath test results?

In any case, you shouldn’t be afraid that it will cost you much money. The costs, fines, and insurance hikes associated with a DUI conviction can be far more than what you might pay a DUI attorney. We offer payment plans so you can afford to pay on a monthly basis. On the other hand, we also offer discounted fees if you can afford to pay a large portion or all of the fee at the beginning, which could save you hundreds of dollars.

Our objective on every DUI case is to keep a DUI off your record and keep you out of jail. If you don’t hire a DUI defense attorney and walk into court and plead guilty without a DUI defense attorney, you will have a DUI on your record and will be sentenced to do all of the mandatory penalties that come with a DUI conviction.

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Ray Lopez has practiced since 1990, with prior experience as a Hillsborough County assistant State attorney and lawyer for the Tampa Police Department. He handles all criminal charges, from traffic violations and misdemeanors to serious felonies and federal drug charges. He practices in all state and federal courts of the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida, as well as criminal appeals, juvenile court, administrative hearings, and civil forfeiture proceedings.

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