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    Tampa Insurance Fraud Attorney

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    Tampa Insurance Fraud Lawyer Insurance fraud is very difficult to prove in the absence of witness statements or statements of the accused person. Often times the insurance claim is made about an accident or incident for which there are no witnesses. Insurance companies conduct their own internal fraud investigations and may decide to deny claims for coverage. This does not necessarily mean that they have gathered enough information to turn the case over the criminal justice system for prosecution. Typical cases in which fraudulent insurance claims may be made include:
    • Arson made to look like an accidental fire to allow the property owner to collect on a policy typically when the property is a business which is in financial trouble
    • Staged car accidents, allowing the participants the claim auto insurance coverage for injuries and property damage
    It is important to speak to a lawyer before you provide any statement to an insurance investigator regarding the claim which you have made. Often times investigators have already obtained statements from others who may have personal knowledge of the insurance claim. If a fraudulent insurance claim has been made you need a lawyer who can advise you whether to walk away from it or cooperate in the insurance investigation. Attorney Ray Lopez has been successful in defending a multitude of insurance fraud claims allowing clients to keep their freedom while avoiding felony convictions. If you or a loved one is under investigation for any type of fraudulent insurance claim activity it is important that you speak to attorney Ray Lopez before you speak with investigators.

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