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Ray Lopez has represented persons charged with varying degrees of drug charges for over 15 years. Ray Lopez has extensive experience in both STATE & FEDERAL drug crimes. Tampa Criminal Lawyer, Ray Lopez

Former State Prosecutor & Tampa Police Department Lawyer

As a former State Prosecutor and Tampa Police Department lawyer Ray Lopez is uniquely qualified to protect your constitutional rights and fight for your freedom. Drug charges can carry minimum mandatory prison sentences depending on the amount involved. It is important that you select an attorney who understands the way the police think. The police often violate your constitutional right as a citizen of the United States to be free from unreasonable searches and seizure. The police often trample on your 4th Amendment search and seizure rights in order to find what they think you have – drugs. Do not let the police violate the constitution while you face prison and a criminal conviction. Ray Lopez will obtain witness statements to ensure that your rights were not violated. Ray Lopez will challenge the credibility of police informants. Ray Lopez will file pre-trial motions if merited in order to obtain a dismissal of the charges if the police violated your rights.

Experienced Defense for all Drug Charges

Possession penalties depend on the type of drug, amount, and any criminal history. A small amount of marijuana is a misdemeanor, while possessing even one gram of methamphetamine or cocaine is a felony. Ray Lopez is often able to secure diversion programs for certain first-time offenders, avoiding jail or prison and even keeping a criminal conviction off your record. In more serious drug charges, his familiarity with the system often results in a favorable plea agreement or the minimum penalties possible under applicable laws. Located in Tampa, Florida, we represent clients throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida in state and federal drug offenses, including:
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Sale or distribution
  • Federal drug crimes (trafficking, importing, conspiracy)

Federal Drug Offenses: Aggressive Defense for Serious Charges

Most criminal defense attorneys have little or no experience in the Federal Courts. You should have an experienced Federal criminal trial lawyer on your side if you are arrested on Federal criminal charges or recieve information from an investigating agency that you are the target of a Federal criminal investigation. Never speak to the FBI, DEA or other Federal agency without consulting a lawyer first. Ray Lopez has represented clients charged in the Federal Courts:
  • Economic crimes – fraud, mortgage fraud, wire and mail fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, counterfeit merchandising
  • Drug trafficking – Ray Lopez obtained a dismissal on the first Colombian cocaine drug cartel case brought to Florida involving Colombian sailors captured in the Pacific Ocean by the U.S. military named “Operation Panama Express”, methamphetamine, prescription drug fraud or trafficking, Marijuana Cultivation “grow houses” and many others.

Violations of Probation

If a loved one or friend has a warrant for violation of probation or is currently in jail for violation of probation, contact Ray Lopez to see about the possibility of a quick court date, reinstatement of probation, or dismissal of the violation or warrant.

Fighting Forfeiture

If police or federal agents confiscated your possessions or money in the investigation of an alleged crime, Ray Lopez has the background in forfeiture law to attempt to get your seized property back.

Get the Law on Your Side

Police and prosecutors have considerable resources and increasing leeway to intrude on your rights in the “War on Drugs.” Contact Ray Lopez to aggressively respond to the charges and secure the best possible outcome. You can call us day or night at (813) 221-4455 for a free consultation. Se Habla Español.

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A Federal Court in Florida has declared the Florida Drug Statute unconstitutional. Your drug case may be subject to being dismissed or overturned. Just fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to schedule your free consultation with Ray C. Lopez.


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