Possession of Prescription Drugs

Precription Drug Charges Attorney Abuse of prescription pain medications has become all too common in today’s world. People from all walks of life, including lately many well-known celebrities, suffer from prescription drug addictions. In fact, our current Attorney General Pam Bondi, ran for office on a platform to rid Florida of prescription drug abuse, creating a registry so that all pharmacists and potentially law-enforcement could review when every prescription was filled for each patient by each doctor. Most citizens have legitimate reasons to take medications such as Oxycodone, Percocet, and Vicodin. Pain resulting from knee and back surgeries or auto accidents are legitimately prescribed and can be very useful in treating the pain. Unfortunately it is common for individuals to become addicted and dependent on these medications to the point where they begin taking more than the prescribed dosage. What results many times are patients who visit several different doctors and different pharmacies in an attempt to obtain the same medication. In less sophisticated situations it is common for individuals to purchase or obtain prescription drugs from friends or associates knowing that they are in possession without a valid prescription.

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Police and prosecutors have considerable resources and increasing leeway to intrude on your rights in the “War on Drugs.” Contact Ray Lopez to aggressively respond to the charges and secure the best possible outcome.

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As a former State Prosecutor and Tampa Police Department lawyer Ray Lopez is uniquely qualified to protect your constitutional rights and fight for your freedom. Drug charges can carry minimum mandatory prison sentences depending on the amount involved. It is important that you select an attorney who understands the way the police think. The police often violate your constitutional right as a citizen of the United States to be free from unreasonable searches and seizure. The police often trample on your 4th Amendment search and seizure rights in order to find what they think you have – drugs. Do not let the police violate the constitution while you face prison and a criminal conviction. Ray Lopez will obtain witness statements to ensure that your rights were not violated. Ray Lopez will challenge the credibility of police informants. Ray Lopez will file pre-trial motions if merited in order to obtain a dismissal of the charges if the police violated your rights.

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