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    Tampa Sex Crimes Attorney

    Tampa Sex Crime Attorney At both the State and Federal level law-enforcement is increasingly utilizing man-power and resources to enforce child pornography and other sex crimes laws. Child pornography has become a top law-enforcement priority with the wide-spread use of the internet and black-market for distribution of child-pornography. These crimes are often prosecuted without any evidence that the accused has ever sexually abused a child or engaged in any other misconduct with a child. The Office of the State Attorney and the United States Attorneys Office takes the position that the person who views child pornography is “re-victimizing” the child by engaging in the market of child pornography simply by viewing it. It is often difficult for individuals charged with this type of crime to understand why they would be facing lengthy prison sentences when their alleged misconduct took place in the privacy of their own residence without anyone being victimized.

    Possession Of Child Pornography

    The sentences for Possession of Child Pornography have become lengthy because by law the charges must be filed separately by the number of images actually viewed. If found guilty the person will be classified by law as a Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator wherein the person must register as such with the State. Restrictions on movement and locations of residence will be imposed.

    How Can You Avoid A Prison Sentence If You Have Been Charged with Possession of Child Pornography?

    Unless you maintain your plea of Not Guilty and go to trial you will need an attorney who is effective in negotiating with the prosecutor and understanding the concerns of law-enforcement to have any chance of avoiding a prison sentence. Confidential psychological evaluations and polygraph tests may be utilized prior to engaging with law-enforcement about the facts of the case. Your case will be compared with other more or less egregious cases. Nobody can guarantee that you will avoid a prison sentence even if you cooperate with law-enforcement. Attorney Lopez will guarantee that he will do everything within the framework of the law to obtain the best possible outcome for you. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Ray Lopez can help tip the scales in your favor and vigorously fight on your behalf. No matter what the allegations, Attorney Lopez is adept at finding the flaws in the prosecutor’s case to seek dismissal, reduced charges, acquittal, or lesser penalties.

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