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Under Florida Statute 893.135 certain minimum mandatory penalties are prescribed for possession, sale, transportation, manufacture or delivery of a certain quantity of a controlled substance or illegal drug. Drug Trafficking refers generally to buying, selling, moving or possessing a certain amount of a drug. The penalties are significant because a conviction could result in minimum mandatory penalties prescribed by the legislature. Minimum Mandatory sentences for drug trafficking include:
Illegal Substance & AmountMinimum Mandatory SentenceFine
Cocaine: 28-200 Grams3 Years Prison$50,000
Cocaine: 200-400 Grams7 Years Prison$100,000
Cocaine: 400 Grams-150 Kilograms15 Years Prison$250,000
Heroin: 4-14 Grams3 Years Prison$50,000
Heroin: 14-28 Grams15 Years Prison$100,000
Heroin: 28 Grams-30 Kilograms25 Years Prison$500,000
Methamphetamine: 14-28 Grams3 Years Prison$50,000
Methamphetamine: 28-200 Grams7 Years Prison$100,000
Methamphetamine: More than 200 Grams15 Years Prison$250,000
Marijuana: 25-200 pounds or 300-2000 plants3 Years Prison$25,000
Marijuana: 2000-10000 pounds of 2000-10000 plants7 Years Prison$50,000
Marijuana: More than 10000 pounds or 10000 plants15 Years Prison$200,000
It is important to note that these are minimum sentences which must be imposed absent a plea agreement, reduction, or dismissal of the charges. By law all Drug Trafficking charges carry maximum sentences of up to 30 years in prison. If you are charged with Drug Trafficking your bail will be very high. There may also be a hearing required called a “Nebia Hearing” which requires witnesses to come forward and testify to the court as to the source of funds being utilized to post bail for the defendant. It is essential that if you are a loved one is facing a drug trafficking charge that you hire an attorney who can effectively represent you at a bail reduction hearing. Ray C. Lopez will set a bail reduction hearing as soon as possible so that he can argue for a reasonable bail that is affordable. He will also contact witnesses and bail bondsman who may be used to satisfy the court that bail will be posted with legitimate sources. The best possible outcome in any drug trafficking case depends like any drug case on the evidence against you and the mistakes that the police may have made in attempting to gather evidence against you. Attorney Lopez will explore all avenues of relief including pre-trial motions to suppress evidence or statements if it is in the client’s best interest to do so. Please contact our office at (813) 221-4455 for a free consultation so that we may further evaluate your drug trafficking charge. As a former State Prosecutor and Tampa Police Department lawyer Ray Lopez is uniquely qualified to protect your constitutional rights and fight for your freedom. Drug charges can carry minimum mandatory prison sentences depending on the amount involved. It is important that you select an attorney who understands the way the police think.

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