Arrested for DUI?

Ray Lopez has 22 years of experience in both prosecuting and defending DUI cases. Ray Lopez is a former State Prosecutor who handled thousands of DUI cases. He understands how to find weaknesses in the State's case against you so that he can attempt to obtain a favorable result such as dismissal or reduction to Reckless Driving.

As a former State Prosecutor and former Police Attorney, Ray Lopez understands how the other side thinks and uses this knowledge to his clients' advantage.

If you've been charged with a DUI, Ray Lopez can obtain a permit for you to drive while your DUI is pending in court if you contact him within 10 days of your arrest. Schedule your free consultation now!

Drug Offense?

Being arrested for a drug offense can often mean that you are in felony court with the possibility of a prison sentence. When your freedom and employment are at stake you need an experienced drug offense attorney to aggressively represent your interests. You need an attorney who understands how the police often violate the search and seizure laws of the U.S. Constitution and an attorney who understands how the police employ surveillance techniques and informants in order to gather information.

Contact former State Prosecutor and former Police Attorney Ray Lopez to aggressively fight for you and to attempt to secure an outcome with no prison time or no conviction. Mr. Lopez has extensive experience in defending persons with drug charges in both STATE and FEDERAL court.

Areas of Practice

Mr. Lopez provides over 22 years experience to persons accused of all types of Felony, Misdemeanor and Juvenile crimes. Mr. Lopez has represented persons charged with crimes in various counties throughout the State of Florida and in Federal Court. He has successfully defended hundreds of criminal prosecutions including First Degree Murder, Manslaughter, Sex Crimes, Robbery, Trafficking In Drugs, Economic/Fraud Crimes and Domestic Violence charges.

Contact the office of Ray Lopez to schedule your free consultation now.

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Past Case Results

Hillsborough County Case No. 125597J
Driving Under the Influence
2nd Offense Within 5 years; Breath Test .19
Reduced to Reckless Driving.

Pasco County Case No. 99-3989CFAES
First Degree Murder
Disposition: Involuntary Manslaughter 2 years probation with no special conditions.

Hillsborough County Case No. 09-CF-010123
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Dismissed with no formal charges filed.

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