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    Other Areas of Practice

    All areas of criminal defense, including:
    • State and federal drug crimes
    • White collar and federal crimes
    • Military courts-martial
    • Bail reduction
    • Divorce / Family Law / Child Custody
    • Record expungement
    • Civil forfeiture in criminal cases
    • Juvenile dependency
    • Appeals of criminal convictions

    Have You Been Arrested?

    The justice system is not on your side.

    As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Ray Lopez can help tip the scales in your favor and vigorously fight on your behalf. No matter what the allegations, Attorney Lopez is adept at finding the flaws in the prosecutor’s case to seek dismissal, reduced charges, acquittal, or lesser penalties.

    Misdemeanors & Felonies

    Tampa Doctor Criminal Defense Lawyer Being arrested for a felony can have serious consequences for your future. All felonies carry potential sentences that could result in prison time. Other consequences include becoming a “convicted felon” which could have bad repercussions to your employment or ability to find employment. Our bottom line objective on every felony case, if possible, is to obtain a final outcome where you keep your freedom while at the same time keeping a clean record. Ray Lopez will use his experience and knowledge of the system to shield clients from the harshest penalties, arguing for dismissal, reduction of charges, probation and minimum penalties. Being arrested for a misdemeanor is a more common occurrence than people realize. A misdemeanor conviction can also have severe consequences to your freedom, employment, or college future. A first degree misdemeanor carries a maximum sentence of up to one year in the county jail. Ray Lopez knows that no case is a “minor” case when your freedom, finances or employment are at stake. He will fight to obtain the best possible outcome to your case whether it be a disposition which keeps the charges off your record or a dismissal of the charges.
    • Domestic violence (spouse, partner, girlfriend, or family member)
    • Assault and battery
    • Criminal traffic offense
    • Shoplifting, bad checks, or theft
    • Resisting arrest or disorderly conduct
    • Marijuana possession (20 grams or less)
    • Damage to property
    • Furnishing alcohol to a minor

    Probation Violations? Avoid Jail & Probation Revocation

    Your probation can be revoked for (a) consequences of committing a new crime while on probation such as an arrest for DUI, or (b) violating terms set by the judge in the original case, such as failing to take a drug test or meet with your probation officer.
    • If have not yet been arrested, he can make the proper arrangements to get you before a sentencing judge. This usually enables you to avoid being arrested and jailed.
    • If you are already arrested, he will immediately file motions for your release or to reduce your bond so that you can arrange your own release.
    In felony cases, defendants are typically held without bond. For violations of probation misdemeanor defendants are often held without bond. Ray Lopez can get you back in front of a judge, often much sooner (within one to five business days after arrest). Once you go before a sentencing judge on a probation violation, we first address your release or bond reduction, and can then request that probation be reinstated. The judge may release you with the same or new conditions of probation. The judge may release you and set another date to determine if there was a violation. In some instances your probation may have been improperly violated by your assigned officer.

    Get the Law on Your Side

    You can contact my office day or night at (813) 221-4455 for expeditious filing and veteran representation by an experienced probation lawyer. Your initial consultation is free, and we can accept Visa and MasterCard. Se Habla Español.