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    Tampa Tax Fraud Attorney

    The justice system is not on your side.

    The IRS identified approximately two million tax returns that were potentially fraudulent last year.

    The agency’s fraud detection system identified more than one million returns as being potentially fraudulent – up 72% from the previous year. The IRS has warned of tax preparers who file improper forms and claimed false refunds for their clients. Identity Theft, where someone steals the Social Security Number of another person to get an undeserved refund, was a big part of the overall increase in fraud cases – with the IRS reporting more than 450,000 identity theft cases. Tampa tax fraud lawyer False identification can be obtained in a variety of ways and is then sold to someone associated with a processor – or a person who can actually process the false information through tax forms to the IRS. The processor may have several connections in banking institutions or other professions who receive a portion of the fraudulent refund. The processor may be only a “mom and pop” outfit working out of their house. All persons involved from the people at the bottom who gather the information to the people at the top who actually process the information to the IRS share in the profits. Defending tax fraud cases requires intensive review of documents including employing forensic accountants and retired IRS auditors to determine what the actual loss to the IRS is. In a Federal tax fraud case the amount of the loss attributed to each individual involved under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines is crucial in determining the sentence.

    Attorney Ray Lopez is committed to obtaining the best possible outcome and attempting to avoid a prison sentence if you are charged with tax fraud.

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