What Happens in a Federal Detention Hearing?

Ray Lopez, Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Talks about What Happens in a Federal Detention Hearing

A Federal Detention Hearing happens almost immediately after you are arrested on Federal charges, sometimes on the same day. You are brought before a magistrate judge, advised of the charges against you, and the court then determines whether you should be released on conditions or held in jail until your case is over. If you are concerned that you may be facing Federal criminal charges from a Federal indictment you should not wait to hire an experienced Federal criminal defense lawyer. Once you are arrested the Detention Hearing happens right away and there may insufficient time to hire an experienced lawyer right away. This could cause you to be held in jail until you hire an attorney that can get a new hearing or until further notice.

At the Federal Detention Hearing the court considers the nature of the charge against you, whether or not you pose a danger to the community based on the charges or any prior criminal history, whether you a flight risk, and your ties to the community. Many serious Federal criminal charges carry a presumption that you are a danger to the community just because of what you were arrested for. This presumption can be overcome with a successful argument by a Federal criminal lawyer in certain circumstances allowing for your release. If you are facing serious Federal criminal charges you should speak to an experienced Federal criminal defense attorney immediately. Nobody wants to be locked up while awaiting the outcome of their case.

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Ray Lopez has practiced since 1990, with prior experience as a Hillsborough County assistant State attorney and lawyer for the Tampa Police Department. He handles all criminal charges, from traffic violations and misdemeanors to serious felonies and federal drug charges. He practices in all state and federal courts of the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida, as well as criminal appeals, juvenile court, administrative hearings, and civil forfeiture proceedings.

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