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Have You Been Charged With a DUI?

Suppression of Evidence or Reduction of Charges

Tampa DUI Lawyer, Ray Lopez

Just because the police have charged you with a DUI does not mean that you have been convicted of the charge.

The State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were driving under the influence of alcohol to the extent that your normal faculties were impaired before a conviction stands. Before this can happen Ray Lopez will critically analyze the following:

  • Did the Police have probable cause to stop and detain you?
  • Did you pass the field sobriety tests or is the officer exaggerating your poor performance on the tests in his/her report? Police officers often exaggerate their reports to justify their opinion that you were impaired from alcohol.
  • Was your breath test administered properly?
  • Is there a video tape of your performance / demeanor by the road which would tend to show that the officer’s report is exaggerated?

Ray Lopez will work hard to obtain the best possible outcome of your case. If a dismissal of the charges is unlikely Ray Lopez will negotiate with the prosecutor or their supervisor to see that you obtain the best possible result. Often times, this may result in your charge being reduced to a Reckless Driving instead of having a DUI on your record.

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